How to get changed only once in the morning..

Posted: Feb 06 2016

For most of us, mornings can be pretty hectic. We've got it well timed to get to work, but if something goes wrong -  it puts everything out of whack! So if you put on something to wear and then have to change 5 times, all of a sudden your late for work.

A tip we use and pretty much swear by: do your hair and make up first, before you put on anything to wear for the day. You tend to feel a little more confident when you've styled your hair the way you want and freshened yourself up. When you feel more confident, your more likely to carry any outfit and less likely to obsess over something not looking that way you want.

Now this isn't always fool-proof, so on mornings when you know you don't have the luxury of time, stick with your go-to outfits that you know look great and you feel confident in. You may wear them frequently, but there's nothing wrong with this if you feel comfortable and confident. If you're concerned about repeating an outfit too much: add a belt, headband or necklace to make it look different and know one will know.

Do you suffer from changing to much in the morning? Let us know in the comments!

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