The Two Reasons You'll Need A Belt

Posted: Jan 25 2016

Have you ever been in that situation where you're not sure whether to wear a belt or not? We certainly have! Here's two simple rules so you know when to keep the belt, and when to ditch it.

1. To create shape

The number one reason to wear a belt is to give your outfit shape and define your waist. With the rompers shown above, we've used this belt to accentuate the girls waists. Sometimes with flow-y material the clothing can look rather big and you loose your shape.

2. To accessorise

The second reason to wear a belt is when you need to use it as an accessory to an outfit. An outfit may be a little plain, and jewellery or a hat might not be cutting it to make it stand out. With the dress above, this shows how we have used a belt here to accessorise the dress, as being all one colour it could be a little boring.

When do you wear a belt, and do these tips help? We love to know in the comments!

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