3 Little-Known Factors That Affect Your Confidence

Posted: Jan 03 2016

Confidence is key. It's what sets you apart from the rest and it's what helps you carry an outfit well. Without confidence, you're not living as large as you could be. We've put together a few factors that could be affecting your confidence levels.

If you are at a function comparing yourself to everyone else in the room, you are definitely not confident and carrying yourself well. Sure, take note of what everyone is wearing (we all do this right?!), but don't start comparing yourself to them. You are your own individual self, with beautiful features and traits that differ to everyone else. Comparison only dims your confidence.

We say this a lot, but be nice to yourself! What you say in your head about your body does takes it's toll and eventually you will buy into it. Would you say these things to a friend or co-worker? If you wouldn't, there's no reason you should be saying them to yourself. Practice being a little kinder to yourself and watch your confidence rise.

You may hate your thighs, and you can't change that.. But what about your arms? Be grateful for the amazing, healthy and working body that you have. Accept your flaws (everyone has them!) and concentrate on being grateful for the features you love most about yourself.

Do you think any of these factors affect your confidence? We'd love to hear what you think you can improve on in the comments!

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