How to Stick With Your 2016 Resolutions

Posted: Dec 28 2015

It's almost 2016, and everyone is figuring out what they want for the year and coming up with some resolutions. Goals are important as things to strive for keep us motivated and happy. But we can easily become unhappy when our resolutions fall away by February. Here's a few tips to stick to your goals in 2016.

Introduce good habits.
Instead of trying to ditch the bad habits straight away, introducing positive habits will help the bad ones fall away. For example, adding healthy meals or snacks to your diet over a period of time will eventually phase out a lot of the unhealthy ones. Or if you're cutting back on coffee, find another drink you like to add into the day before you start cutting back the caffeine.

Be kind to yourself.
This applies when you set goals, and also when you're chasing them. Be realistic when you're setting goals so you don't put too much pressure on yourself, and make sure your resolutions are achievable. When your setting out to accomplish something, be kind to yourself along the way. Put setbacks behind you, don't beat yourself up about any mistakes and concentrate on looking forward instead.

Get friendly.
Find a buddy that will help hold you accountable. They don't have to have the same resolutions as you, they just need to know what your trying to achieve. Tell them how you are planing to get there, and get them to check in with you regularly.

Remember why you started.
Are you working out to fit into jeans you wore years ago? Are you starting a business for your family? Whatever your motivation is for starting, make sure you remind yourself of this almost every day. Put a photo on your phone or in your wallet. It's a lot of easier to put in the hard work and make tough decisions when you can remember the reason you started, and you have your mind set on the end goal.

What are your 2016 resolutions? Tell us in the comments!

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