How do you want to feel this Christmas?

Posted: Dec 21 2015

2015 was the year of pretty much everything fitness related - right?! And while this trend is such a positive one, during the holidays when we indulge a little more than usual, it's bound to make us feel a little bad, unworthy or less than adequate when we don't have a green smoothie on Christmas Day.

We've put a few tips together so you can feel your best over Christmas, no matter how much chocolate you eat, wine you drink or how little we exercise!

Be present.
The only way your eating habits will get you down over Christmas is if you're thinking about them! Try to be really present with your family and friends over the holidays. If you're present and engaged then you aren't thinking about how that extra wine will feel the next day, or how you have to get back into your routine in a weeks time. Tips to help stay present: meditation, walking in nature, mindfulness.

Be realistic.
You've worked hard all year, a few days of eating some really yummy food and drinking a little more is not going to make you put on 5kgs. Also everyone's Christmas break will look different, so don't expect yours to look like the fitness blogger's that you see on Instagram. Tips to keep it real: keep social media to a minimum, don't get carried away.

Detox your mind.
'Comparison is the thief of joy' - Theodore Roosevelt.
Most of the time we feel bad because we let ourselves get trapped in comparison. 'The fitness blogger didn't eat ham over Christmas - but I did!'. Stop comparing yourself to others. Just be yourself and you'll enjoy yourself! Tips to detox the mind: get off social media, stop comparison and judgement.

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