3 Golden Rules to Style Yourself With Confidence

Posted: Dec 12 2015

Not everyone can afford a A-list stylist, but we do still want to feel confident when walking out the door - right? Here's a few tips to pull outfits together that you will always feel great in. Keep in mind - it's all about YOU.

Know Your Shape
Make sure you embrace your body type! If you're not sure what type you are, do a quick Google search for the shapes, and then tips on what to accentuate about your shape. Pear? Show off your arms and shoulders in strapless pieces. Hourglass? Stick with fitted pieces that show off your waist. Wedge? Flaunt your legs in a mini dress.

Only Wear Your Colours
Figure out what colours suit you best. Some colours will make your skin, hair colour or eyes pop, and others might make take away from your features or wash them out. Try on a few different colours in your wardrobe and study what works for you. Even recruit a friend for this one to get a second opinion, and someone to have fun trying on clothes with!

Stick With Your Personality
Only choose items that suit your personal style and taste. You might be more classic and casual, or a little boho. Your personal preference in what you wear shows off your personality without you even having to speak. Embrace your unique style and don't be afraid to wear what you really love.

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