How to be Yourself in a World Full of Critics

Posted: Nov 08 2015

Encouraged to always be ourselves and follow our unique identity seems a simple enough route to happiness. Yet when following our own path to becoming our true self, being faced with critics is inevitable. So, how do we get beyond this point without our self esteem and ego being destroyed by haters?

In a recent interview about the making of her album, 1989, Taylor Swift opens up about how her harshest critics helped her create the chart topping hit 'Blank Space'. The media is constantly portraying Swift as a crazy cat lady who jumps from one boyfriend to another. On a local radio station we even heard one radio announcer say “she changes boyfriends more than her underpants” and we’re sure you’ve all heard a comment or two about her on this topic. To be constantly critiqued by your personal relationships would be a heavy cloud over your already broken-hearted state, so how did Swift overcome this rainfall?

Swift recently stated that she used the song 'Blank Space' as a satire. Swift had three choices: ignore the haters, lash back with a song on how upset she felt, or embrace the complex character drawn on her. By writing a song from the crazy girls perspective she decided to play along with the serial dater joke for just one song. By portraying a girl who loves hard, breaks hearts hard, and moves on to the next quickly, Swift got the opportunity to take a step higher than the critics and laugh at herself.

By over-exaggerating and using extreme sarcasm, the satire filled song ironically proved to her haters that she wasn’t this character they had drawn up for her. If we could learn to jump in front of our own critics and make fun of ourselves before they do then we really leave them nothing to hate on. To embrace our flaws and accentuate them, we are actually owning them and leaving nothing for people to judge.

If fear of rejection is the only thing holding you back from the next step on the way to yourself, the be sure to 'Shake It Off' and fill in that 'Blank Space'.

How do you respond to critics and judgement? We would love to hear how you handle it and stay true to yourself - tell us in the comments.

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