Wear this maxi dress all year round..

Posted: Oct 12 2015

The Kendall Goddess dress from Blue Life will be perfect for this Summer. Here we tell you a few ways to wear it - and how you’ll even get use of it in Winter. Yes we promise!

Belt It
This maxi dress is fitted around the waist. A belt will draw attention to this area and pull this in even more. Keep in mind this style does show a little cleavage. If you’re not a fan of this, a belt will help draw attention away from this as well.

Jacket It
Think you can’t wear a maxi dress in Winter? Wrong! Adding a jacket to this dress is easy. Just make sure it’s a cropped jacket, as a longer one will add too much width with the dress. A cropped jacket will show off your shape in the dress as well as keeping you warm. Here’s a secret: wear a pair of tights under the maxi dress if you’re worried about being cold - no one will even know!

The Right Shoes
Oh so much choice! It really depends on the season or occasion. Winter? Pair with some ankle booties. Summer? Flats or ankle boots. Going out? Chuck on a pair of tan wedges! Raining? Don’t wear it. No one wants a wet dress!

The Right Necklace
If you don’t have too much going on already (a belt, jacket, or fancy earrings) then this is the type of dress you can definitely go with a statement necklace for. If your not a big necklace person, then try a long thin chain. Something like this will sit very nicely just over where the dress starts at your cleavage.

Do you wear maxi dresses all year round? Let us know in the comments! The Kendall Goddess dress can be found here.

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