Nice to fleek you - I mean, meet you!

Posted: Sep 26 2015

Perfecting the arch has become the new essenti
al pampering treat. Spending big bux on brow reshaping has become the new norm but when did it become OK to judge someone by their eyebrows?

They say unconsciously eyes are the first thing we notice when we look at someones face, and as it so happens now eyebrows are the first thing we notice - consciously. Now, we are judging people by their eyebrows.

Eyebrows can reflect a lot about a character. They tell us how highly personal hygiene importance is rated to them, where they lie on the beauty trend scheme of things and how consistent they are as a person. One simply could not have a few sporadic hairs out of place in their brow region without being inconsistent with their appointments! We judge this as a flaw filled character, yet we don't give them the benefit of the doubt.

It’s your first time meeting someone and without really noticing it we have summed them up in a few seconds after seeing the tiny hair situation above their eyes. But, we never stop to think they could be between waxes or growing them out to have their first visit with eyebrow specialist. Through magazines, media, and all things glamorous we are directed to believe that one should always have a flawless image and consequently perfectly arched eyebrows so we can't help but judge when we notice ‘brows aren’t so on fleek'.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to take a step back from the judging 
and put ourselves in others shoes. Because lets face it we’ve all been caught with some nasty looking brows on a by an old friend who we hoped not to bump into unexpectedly!

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