Read this if you want your black jeans to stay black

Posted: Sep 13 2015

You buy a pair of black jeans, and after a few washes and a few months, they’re faded and grey and no longer feel like new. You stop wearing them as much as you feel they look old. Then you need to buy a new pair of black jeans that are actually black. Then the cycle starts again! We know the story, so here’s a few ways to avoid this.

Stop The Wash
Stop washing your jeans so much! Calvin Klein has once stated that jeans need washing once per year. And it’s best to put them in the freezer. We’re not sure about the latter, but washing them less will definitely help keep their shape and colour.

Inside Out
Wash your denim inside out, and then hang it up inside out as well. The friction in the wash, plus the sun when you hang them out will wear and fade your jeans. Remember to put them inside out before you throw them into the washing basket and then you won’t even have to remember when you turn the washing machine on.

Black Orchid Denim
True to their name, Black Orchid’s Stay Black denim, doesn’t fade. They will keep their shape and colour for the life of your denim. They have stretch and recovery technology, making them super slimming while still being comfortable. Wash after wash, they will stay black!

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Photo from @blackorchiddenim

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