4 Surprising Reasons Your Not Wearing That Dress

Posted: Jul 05 2015

We’re sure almost everyone is a victim to this - buying something and wearing it once. Or not at all! There’s really two phases to solve this problem - determining why you don’t want to wear it, and then fixing it! Seems simple right?

Is it too big?
Take it to get altered. The $15 to get it taken in might be worth if if you’ve paid a bit for the dress or pair of jeans.

You forget you have it!
We bet you come across it every now and again and think ‘I forgot I had this!’. Make sure you keep your closet clean so you can see everything you own.

Nothing to wear it with?
Do some styling research. A necklace, scarf or belt can completely change an outfit. Or buy what you need. If a cheap pair of shorts gets you wearing the expensive top then they're probably worth it!

Nowhere to wear it?
Make one! We’re serious, if you have a fancy dress but no cocktail party - take yourself and some friends out for dinner. You deserve it.

We'd love to know - are you a victim of this too? Tell us how many items have you worn just once - or not at all in the comments below..

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