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Posted: Jul 05 2015

A story from founder, Jade Harman..

Always an avid online shopper, I loved being able to access so many brands from the USA.  However, I hated the torturous 3-4 week wait, plus the astronomical shipping costs to little old Perth. I was once quoted $150 to deliver 4 dresses to Australia - no joke!!

My intention with Mable Lane Clothing was to bring US based brands to Australia with reasonable delivery times and costs, but as I started working on the business - it became so much more than that.
The image some fashion businesses portrays to it’s consumers is SO unrealistic, and what’s more worrying is people strive for this. My mission with Mable Lane became to present a positive body image for women and help them become more confident, rather than feeling inadequate when shopping.

I decided to use friends in all different shapes and sizes to model our brands. Everyone is unique, and certain pieces look different depending on body shape so showing a variety of women was really important.

No Photoshop was another big one for me. Coming from a marketing background, I know how much little things are Photoshopped to look a certain way and I didn’t want to promote that. What you see with our models and our items are exactly what you get.

The above, coupled with real customer service and styling advice, I hope our approach encourages other business to be more real and transparent. Do you agree? Tweet me or you can find me on Instagram @jadeharmy

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