Get organised! 5 Easy Steps to a Killer Closet

Posted: Oct 07 2014

Set aside 1-2 hours to do this - depending on the state of your closet! By following the below steps you will need to do this 4 times a year max.

Pull out everything and start piling what you haven’t worn in the last year - because if you didn't wear it last year, it’s highly likely you won’t next year either. Remember one persons seconds is another woman’s style so get down to your local swap-meet or sell decent items on eBay. Except for your old undies - ditch those.

There’s no point having your heavy jacket sitting in your way when it’s the middle of Summer. So store clothing that you definitely won’t wear in the current season, making much more room to see what you will wear!

Start throwing like items together: dresses, tops, pants, skirts, rompers etc. Remember you can still purge items here if you’re having second thoughts!

Take one section of like items (e.g. dresses) and sort them into two piles items that you wear most frequently (e.g. work wear) and items you wear less frequently. 

Sort both sections by colour - light to dark. It’s much easier to find that white top (and put it away after it’s been washed), if you have a dedicated section for it!

Repeat steps 4-5 for all other like item sections: outerwear, denim, tops and bottoms. And then you're done!

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