Is Instagram causing body image issues?

Posted: Oct 04 2014

You might think this statement is far-fetched.. But is it really?

Scrolling through Instagram when you have a spare moment is pretty common practice these days for us ladies.. But it might be blowing our self esteem.

As we look through filtered photo after filtered photo, reality gets further and further away. There’s nothing wrong with the soft glow an Insta filter can give someone's skin, if you remember it’s not real - or attainable. 

The problem lies when we become a little naive and forget that everyone has their bad days - they just don’t post them on social media. The travel blogger, while beautiful, doesn’t have perfect glowing skin everyday so you shouldn't feel bad that you don’t at 6AM on a Monday morning.

Hold the phone - you’re probably saying - I love Instagram! And so do we, but as you know we are all about promoting a healthy body image in women, so this is why we’ve decided we won’t be using Instagram filters on our profile.

Of course we’re on Instagram, as we love photos and our customers, so its a match made in heaven. So check out our un-filtered Instagram profile for yourself.

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