Would You Say It To Your Bestie?

Posted: Apr 03 2016

A guest post by Samantha Gemell.

In today's melting pot of Instagram filters, Photoshop, celebrities that seem to do it all and still look fabulous and selective sharing over social media, we have become so hard on ourselves. You can stand in front of the mirror and see your cellulite, a stray eyebrow hair, uneven skin and a body that isn't today's ideal. You can even get lost in your own mind, telling yourself that you're fat, lazy, stupid - every insult you could possibly invent has probably crossed your mind at least once.

This happens to me too – I'm only human. But when I get lost in my own thoughts, I have a single question that brings me down to earth and back to being kind to myself: Would I say this to a bestie?

Have a think about it – you might tell yourself that you're worthless because you had pizza last night instead of the salad you planned, and plan to punish yourself with a grueling workout. If your best friend came up to you, upset that she had done the same, would you tell her that she's worthless and should pay for it?

Or maybe you think that you're unlovable because you're not a perfect size 8. You think that you will only ever be successful, adored and happy if you reach that goal. What would you tell your girlfriend if she admitted those very thoughts to you? Would you agree, or would you tell her that she is already successful and adored?

You might be hyper-critical about what you look like in photographs, because you can zero in on the teeniest imperfections and ruin the whole image. But would you say to the stunning Mable Lane models that they are ugly and worthless if you saw something tiny like dimples on their knees, or less than even boobs (we all have those!), or knobbly elbows? I think not.

This trick extends across to pretty much every negative thought or put-down that has ever crossed your mind. We all have a mean voice in our heads that tries to keep us small – the Dalai Llama has it, Beyonce has it, Kim K has it. This is why we all need a tribe of amazing supportive people – starting with ourselves.

Beauty comes in a million different guises. Success comes in a million different flavours. You know this is true when you are having a heart-to-heart with your girls, all you need to do is remind yourself when that mean voice in your head tries to tell you otherwise. It's time to be your own bestie.

Samantha Gemmell: www.samanthagemmell.com

Samantha is a nutritionist, health writer, speaker and student mentor based in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about empowering people with chronic illness to live thriving, inspiring lives.

Visit Samantha on Facebook or Instagram.

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