Dressing for Two!

Posted: Mar 04 2016

A guest post by Emma N. Image from @saintgrace.

You know those days where you open your wardrobe and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? A quick glance at the clock makes your heart pick up pace and suddenly you're flustered, confused and resigned to wearing mismatching tones as you leave the house with a sigh, because you're already too late for wherever you need to be.

It can be a little lonely staring into that kind of wardrobe black hole. Even when there's a helpful hubby, partner or friend on hand with suggestions, that little mental list of pro-cons bubbles to the surface and before you know it, you’re weighing up the objections; this garment will be too snug and that one too loose, this one's too casual but the other too dressy...

Rest assured we all have days like this where we have to remember to pull back, take stock and rely on the old faithfuls, e.g. a black cotton dress that's tailored yet comfy, a crisp white blouse that sharpens any pair of bottoms you throw with it, or your go-to jeans that never tire.

Well, almost never. You see, there is a time when even these great back-up solutions still won't do - during pregnancy! It's a wonderful time with so many joyful new experiences, along with a few new challenges to front in the 'nothing to wear' war. After all, imagine opening that wardrobe and genuinely having nothing that fits the way it's supposed to! Add into the mix those first few weeks where you're not quite ready to share the news, and suddenly you're taking more than your fair share of time in the dressing department.

During that first trimester, billowing tops and longline jackets are your friends (as is a handy hairclip if you're managing morning sickness or if you're quick to feel flustered). You can often get away with your existing loose or low-sitting bottoms, and if need be, a cheeky unbutton/half zip will go unnoticed with the right length shirt and jacket.

By the second trimester you should be well and truly embracing the incredible changes to your body. As your belly grows, you’ll be in absolute awe of the marvellous transformation that takes place in these formative weeks.

This is a great time to shop for new back-ups and essentials. To guide you in the process, here are a few quick tips to help reduce the unnecessary wardrobe stress in an instant!

  • Invest in new staples such as quality cotton tees in plain colours or neutral tones, drawstring waisted shorts/pants that will accommodate a growing bump and empire-line dresses that flatter the bust and either hug or flow around the belly. From here, plan ahead by creating a few smart ensembles right down to your accessories and shoes, to keep in mind for the days when you’re short of time
  • Stock up on luxurious, confidence-boosting underwear. Forget the bras with uncomfortable wires that dig into your side and the briefs that leave behind indents! A set of good maternity underwear will help you feel perfectly pieced together from your first layer outwards, allowing a sense of self-assurance to flow into your whole outfit
  • Embrace maternity wear. There are no rules here and it’s never too early to start wearing it! The stretch fabrics with unrestricting movement and bump-flattering styles will inspire a world of new outfits and empower you to show off your wonderful new shape. Plus it’s simply and undeniably comfortable. If you think those girls singing “active wear” were onto something, just wait until you try on the stretchy pants! You’ll love doing anything in your stretchy pants!

Saint Grace's Gita style is perfect when dressing for two: shop in Navy and Coral.

Images from @saintgrace.

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